Louis Spohr

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String Quintet No.4 in a minor, Op.91

For 2 Violins, 2 Violas and Violoncello

Spohr's String Quintet No.4 in a minor dates from 1834. The opening theme to the first movement, Allegro, is melancholy, and wistful while the second subject while not exactly upbeat is more resolute. The second movement, Larghetto, though somber has charm and a nicely contrasting livlier middle section. The Menuetto which follows has for it main theme a somewhat menacing, march-like melody. The trio section unusally is quicker, a gliding waltz played scherzo. The tense finale, Presto, leads to an engaging fugal section which only heightens the forward motion and energy of the music.


Louis Spohr (1784-1859 also known as Ludwig) was born in the German city of  Braunschweig. From early childhood, he showed a great aptitude for the violin and ultimately became one of the leading violinists in the first half of the 19th century. But from the very beginning, Spohr wanted to become more than just a violin virtuoso. Hard work and talent were to allow him to become a leading conductor, a highly regarded composer and a famous violin teacher. He wrote in virtually every genre, not the least being chamber music. He composed some 36 string quartets, 7 string quintets, five piano trios, four double quartets and several other chamber pieces. 


 Our new edition is based on the original Simrock edition of 1834.

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