The Viennese Dance Series for Chamber Ensembles

Johann Strauss Jr.

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Demolierer Polka, Op.269 for String Quartet

The Demolierer Polka, Demolition Polka in English, commemorates the 1857 edict by the Austrian Emperor, Franz Josef, declaring that the old fortification walls surrounding the inner part of Vienna and separating it from the rest of the city were to be torn down. The razing of these ramparts began in 1862 with the demolition of the famous and much loved Water Glacis, which became part of the Stadtpark or City Park. Strauss’ Polka, from the same year, was said to have been inspired by the fact that both his father and Philipp Fahrbach Sr., another Vienna Waltz King, had given large pubic concerts to enthusiastic audiences on the Water Glacis.


It was originally intended for his small orchestra of around 20 players but arrangements of it for much smaller and more intimate groups were almost immediately made from the time it was published so that it could be heard in the cafes and coffee houses throughout Vienna.


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