The Viennese Dance Series for Chamber Ensembles

Johann Strauss Jr.

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Vergnugungszug Polka, Op.281 for String Quartet

In the 1860s and 1870s, it became fashionable to take short day trips by train out of Vienna to nearby destinations in the countryside for picnics and other outings. In his Vergnugungszug Polka, in English literally Pleasure Train Polka, Strauss’ goal was to convey the feeling of making such a pleasant jaunt. The polka was composed late in 1863 and premiered in January of the next year.


It was intended for his own small salon or resort orchestra of about 15 to 20 players. However, like most of his works, it was quickly made into various arrangements such as those for quartet, quintet or piano and strings so that it could be heard in the cafés and coffehouses throughout Vienna.


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