The Viennese Dance Series for Chamber Ensembles

Johann Strauss Sr.


Ballnacht Galopp, Op.86 for String Quartet

Johann Strauss’ Ballnacht Galopp premiered in 1836. The themes of this plain but very effective work were taken by the composer from the opera Le bal masqué by Daniel-Auber. The first performance of the opera had been given in 1833 at the Paris Grand Opéra. The Vienna premiere took place in 1836. Strauss very quickly arranged motifs from the opera and played them to visitors at various gatherings. The Ball Night Gallop was an occasional composition for the 1836 ball season.

Johann Strauss Sr. (1804-1849) founder of the waltz dynasty that not only included the “Waltz King”, his oldest son Johann Jr., but also two younger sons, Joseph and Edward, was, along with Josef Lanner the most popular composer of Viennese dances from the Biedermeier period: 1815—1848. At least in Vienna, if not elsewhere, many of his works, such as the Radetzky March, the Kettenbrücke Waltzes, the Sperl Polka, the Champagne and Ballnacht Galopp, and the Bajaderen Waltzes have remained as popular as Junior’s compositions.

Although it was not written for for string quartet, within days of its publication Strauss authorized arrangements for smaller ensembles and soon the march was heard in Viennese cafes and restaurants. It is in this spirit that we make it available again in a version for string quartet

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