The Viennese Dance Series for Chamber Ensembles

Heinrich Strecker


Drunt in der Lobau for Piano Trio

Heinrich Strecker (1893-1981) was born in Vienna. He was educated in Belgium. His early talent for music led to private lessons and he gained a high level of proficiency on the violin. He returned to Vienna in 1910 and after the First World War concentrated on composing. He became known as a composer of operetta, film music and Viennese songs of which Drunt in der Lobau is one of the most famous.


Drunt in der Lobau—Down there in the Lobau—–is a nostalgic song, a memory of youth--a woman tries to recall the place where her first love kissed her. She returns to the Lobau to look for it , but cannot find it. All that is left are the wonderful memories, nightingales were singing, happiness laughed from a thousand branches, and they dreamt of everlasting love. The Lobau is a beautiful rural area on the Danube on the outskirts of Vienna.


Hugely popular, the song has received many different arrangements and can often be heard being played by small ensembles in Viennese cafes and coffee houses.


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