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String Quartet No.2 in c sharp minor, Op.10

Herman Suter’s String Quartet No.2 dates from 1910. Suter wrote that he was inspired and emboldened to write such a work by Beethoven’s Late Quartet Op.132. In his Handbook for String Quartet Players, the famous critic and scholar Wilhelm Altmann has this to say about the work:


“This is a very valuable and successful quartet. It consists of two substantial movements played without pause. It clearly is work of deep feeling. A stream of noble melodies run throughout the whole work, which incidentally is not easy. In the first movement, out of the gloom of the Moderato malinconio comes a wonderfully intimate vocal theme in the Allegro which follows. In the second section, a dance-like theme is followed by a spirited and magnificent set of variations. Especially captivating is a tranquillo episode in the noble Adagio sostenuto. I cannot recommend this work enough to professionals for concert performances and good amateur players will be well rewarded by studying this fine quartet.”


Hermann Suter (1870-1926) was born in the Swiss town of Kaiserstuhl. He studied with Hans Huber at the Basle Conservatory and later with Carl Reinecke at the Leipzig Conservatory. He worked as a conductor and teacher at the Zurich Conservatory. Later, he became director of the Basle Conservatory. His works show the influence of Brahms, Richard Strauss and Gustav Mahler. Suter was not a prolific composer but the works that he produced were very well put together and first class. Mostly he composed works for voice, however, he did not ignore chamber music leaving three string quartets and this string sextet.


Long out of print we are pleased to reintroduce one of the most original quartets from the first part of the 20th century and hope that it will be well received.

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