Nikolai Tchérépnine


Poème Lyrique for Violin & Piano, Op.9

Nikolai Tchérépnine (1873-1945) was born in St. Petersburg. He took a law degree at the university there before entering the Conservatory where he studied with Rimsky-Korsakov. By 1909, he was a was teaching there and held the position of professor. Among his many students was Sergei Prokofiev. He also became a well-known conductor and served as Diagliev's conductor of his Ballet Russes in Paris. After the Russian Revolution, he moved to Paris where he continued to work as a conductor.


The Poème Lyrique was composed around 1905,during what has been called his early period. Though a Korsakov student, even his early works show the influence of the French impressionist composers. This medium length work is by turns lyrical, highly romantic and dramatic. Our soundbite presents about a third of the work.


An impressive work, the Poème Lyrique is sure to be a success in the recital hall where it would certainly be welcome. Long out of print, it is a pleasure to make it available again.


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