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Un Souvenir de Beethoven for Piano Quartet

Pedro (Pere in Catalan) Tintorer (1814-1891) was born in Palma de Malorca to Catalan parents but grew up in Barcelona where he studied with Ramon Vilanova music director of the cathedral. At the age of 16 he entered the Madrid Conservatory where he studied piano with Pedro Albeniz and composition with Ramon Canicer after which he attended the Paris Conservatory where he studied with Pierre Zimmerman. He remained in Paris until 1836 during which time he is thought to have studied privately with Franz Liszt. He served as a professor for many years at the Lyon Conservatory before returning to Barcelona where he served as a professor and then director of the Conservatori del Liceu in Barcelona. He composed in most genres.


The charming Quartetino, which Tintorer subtitled Un souvenir de L. van Beethoven, was composed during his time as a professor in Lyon during the 1840ís. It is in two movements, and begins with a very romantic Andante mosso full of yearning and drama. A substantial and exciting Allegro ma non tanto follows. The style recalls very early Beethoven, perhaps from the era of around 1800.


We were able to obtain a copy of a set of the original and only parts every published some 160+ years ago by the French publisher Richault, never renowned for the quality of its paper or ink. Hence the ink had faded in places and there were water marks, smudges, detritus and fingerings. We have spent many hours digitally cleaning, darkening, removing fingerings and correcting errors and have been able to create a very serviceable performance edition. While it is not pristine like a newly published work, it is nonetheless quite readable. The price, less than our generally very low prices, reflects this fact. Out of print for more than a century, this work is fun to play, attractive to hear and important as it comes from a little known but worthy Catalan composer.

Parts: $29.95




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