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String Quartet No.6 in E flat Major, Op.43

 “Volkmann’s Quartet No.6 in E flat Major, Op.43, was published in 1863. It is a very fine work. The opening Allegro con brio begins with what one writer has styled a ‘typical Mannheim Rocket,’ and is followed by the syncopated melody of the first subject which is definitely Hungarian in flavor. The Larghetto which follows is sweet and unassuming except for the animated middle section in which the 1st violin breaks loose with an impressive solo. The Scherzo which follows is in 5/4 time, one of the earliest examples of the meter in the literature. Though wonderfully crafted, Volkmann was nonetheless roundly attacked for seeking out the unusual and contorted in rhythm. Even the trio keeps the meter in what is a first-rate movement by anyone’s standards. A brief Andantino leads to the big finale, Molto vivace, featuring a rousing finish. Again this is a work which belongs in the concert hall.”—–The Chamber Music Journal


Friedrich Robert Volkmann (1815-1883), though born and schooled in Germany, spent his entire working life living in Austria-Hungary. After a brief stint in Prague, Volkmann obtained a position in Pest in 1841 and made friends among the large German community there. Though he went to Vienna in 1854, he missed Pest and moved back in 1858. He remained there for the rest of his life. Beethoven was to serve as his model, although  Mendelssohn and Schumann also influenced him. In his day, Volkmann and his music were highly regarded.


This fine work has been out of print for more than a century. We are pleased to make it available once again. It is suitable for both professionals and amateurs. Ours is the only edition with rehearsal letters.


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