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String Quartet in D Major, Op.3

Ignatz Waghalter (1881-1949) was born in Warsaw into a family of musicians. His talent showed itself early and he was something of a prodigy on the violin and piano. After studying with his parents, he went to Berlin where he continued studies with Joseph Joachim, Philipp Scharwenka and then Friedrich Gernsheim. He also studied conducting and worked as an understudy for Arthur Niksch, then one of the most famous living conductors. He, himself, was to become a leading opera conductor as well as a composer of several successful operas. Waghalter's String Quartet in D Major dates from around 1903 shortly after he completed his studies with Gernsheim and received considerable acclaim from critics, including Joseph Joachim whose quartet performed the work in Berlin.


Wilhelm Atltmann, writing in his Handbook for String Quartet Players has this to say about the work


The thematic material of Waghalter's String Quartet demonstrates that the composer had a natural feeling and was able to write easily for this ensemble. In the main, the opening movement, Allegro moderato, is bright and sunny with pleasing melodies. The impressive second movement, Allegretto, is a cross between an intermezzo, a scherzo and a serenade which is wonderful to hear. Next comes a deeply felt Adagio ma non troppo e mesto with long-lined themes. The finale, Allegretto, is a theme and excellent set of 8 variations. I warmly recommend this work not only to amateurs but also suggest that it would take a place of honor in the concert hall."


We agree with Herr Altmann and believe that both professionals and amateurs will find this a very appealing work. Out of print for nearly a century, we are pleased to make it available once again.


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