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Nachtstück for String Quartet or 4 Violas, Op.34

Weinzierl's Nachtstück (night piece, notturno) was originally written for four violas or three violas and cello and published in 1883. However, Weinzierl’s publisher realized that this beautiful work would only enjoy a very limited audience and sales in this format and therefore insisted that Weinzierl also create version for standard string quartet. This version was published a few months after the 4 viola version. The work was dedicated to his friend Dr. Wenzel Sedlitzky who served as President of the Mozarteum in Salzburg during the late 1880’s and may have been instrumental in Weinzierl deciding to write such a work. Some sources indicate that Sedlitzky asked for a work that could be played by multiple violists to be used at the Mozarteum. The work is in three contrasting sections.


Max von Weinzierl (1841-1898) was born in the Bohemian town of Bergstadt. He began his studies in Prague but moved to Vienna in 1858 where he studied cello and composition at the Conservatory of the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde. After graduating, he served as a theater director at some Vienna’s most important theaters and also worked as the director of Vienna’s famous Mens Choir. Most of his compositions are choral works.


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