Julius Weismann


Phantastische Reigen for String Quartet, Op.50

Julius Weismann's Phantastische Reigen (Fantastic Round Dances) take their name from the title to a poem Die Zwei Reigen (The Two Round Dances) by the German poet Conrad Ferdinand Meyer. The poem describes young people who have lost their loved ones to war and pestilence experience the reawakening of hope by dancing with new partners on the eve of May Day.The sixth and seventh stanzas of the poem are quoted by Weismann in the preface to the score and read:

                                       The sun sets and light shines upon the land.

                                       The moon scatters its  silvery light about.

                                       Now the dancers hold hand to hand,

                                       And now mouth to mouth, grasping the wraiths of the dead.


                                       And now the dancers rise up from the meadow

                                       Gently holding hands, floating above in a quiet circle,

                                       In the blue mist of the spring night.


Julius Weismann (18791950) was born in the German city of  Freiburg. He studied at the Royal Bavarian Conservatory with Josef Rheinberger and Ludwig Thuille as well as with Heinrich von Herzogenberg in Berlin. He pursued a career as a composer, conductor and teacher. He composed in most genres and was particularly fond of chamber music, leaving 11 string quartets as well as his Phantastische Reigen which date from 1913. Long out of print, we feel certain that this work will make a strong impression in the concert hall.

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