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Three Fantasy Pieces for Clarinet or Violin and Piano, Op.19

"August Winding's Three Fantasy Pieces for Clarinet or Violin and Piano can be directly traced back, through his teacher Niels Gade to Schumann, who popularized the format. Gade and Schumann were close friends. These three wonderful pieces are a tribute to Gade, and like Gade's own fantasy pieces for Clarinet or Violin, they are dedicated the foremost Danish clarinetist of the time, the aptly named Mozart Petersen. In a very subtle and not immediately apparent way, the three movements--Allegro moderato, Allegretto and Vivace non troppo are cyclical. Superbly conceived and executed they are every bit as fine as those of Gade and Schumann.---Editor of The Chamber Music Journal


August Winding (1835-1899) was born in the Danish town of Tars on the island of Lolland. As a boy, he studied piano locally before entering the Leipzig Conservatory where he studied piano with Anton Ree and composition with Carl Reinecke. He completed his composition studies with Niels Gade and continued his piano studies with the famed virtuoso Alexander Dreyschock. He enjoyed a European career as a concert pianist, and also served as a teacher and professor at the Royal Danish Conservatory. Among Winding’s compositions are concerti, works for orchestra, a piano quartet and a string quintet.


Long out of print, it is a real pleasure to make a work such as this available once again and hope that it will find its rightful place on the music stands of both amateurs and professionals.


(A)  Clarinet & Piano


(B) Violin & Piano


(C) Both Parts & Piano




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