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String Trio No.1 in C Major--New Edition

Writing about Wranitzky's chamber music in the last part of the 19th century, the famous French critic and musicologist Fetis recalled:


The music of Wranitzky was in fashion when it was new because of his natural melodies and brilliant style…I recall that, in my youth, his works held up very well in comparison with those of Haydn. Their premature abandonment of today has been for me a source of astonishment.”


Wrantizky wrote at least 24 string trios, at least 15 for violin, viola and cello. In 1789 the composer, friend of Mozart and music publisher Franz Anton Hoffmeister brought out six trios by Paul Wranitzky. Composed between 1787 and 1789, the trios were published without an opus number. Scholars generally believe these so called Hoffmeister Trios to be the first six with the one in C Major thought to be the first although this is probably based on the fact that it was the first in the set. However, publishers often printed multiple works in any order that suited them so this is not conclusive. The trio has three movements, Allegro, Poco adagio and Allegretto. The trios were composed shortly after Wranitzky arrived in Vienna and were clearly composed with a view to the tastes of Viennese home music maker of the period. Tuneful, the trio makes no great technical demands.


Paul Wranitzky (1756-1808 Pavel Vranický in the Czech form) was born in the town Nová Ríše (then Neureisch) in Moravia. At age 20, like so many other Czech composers of that period, he moved to Vienna to seek out opportunities within the Austrian imperial capital. Wranitzky played a prominent role in the musical life of Vienna. He was on friendly terms and highly respected by Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven who preferred him as the conductor of their new works. Wranitzky was, as so many of his contemporaries, a prolific composer. His chamber works number over 100.


Our new edition with measure numbers carefully follows the original Hoffmeister Edition of 1789 and should appeal to amateurs as well as being suitable for student ensembles.


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