Hermann Zilcher

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Piano Trio in c minor, Op.56

The Piano Trio in c minor, Op.56 was composed in 1927 and dedicated to his daughter. It is in two big movements. The first, Ruhig, fließend beginnend, is, despite the title, not very peaceful but rather full of strenuous striving. It is characterized by considerable unisono playing in the strings, punctuated by loud chords. The more gentle middle section has an appealing, almost French impressionist quality to it. Briefly and unexpectedly, snippets of Schumannesque melody burst forth only to quickly disappear into a sea of modernity. This is a very engaging movement which runs the entire gamut of musical emotions. The last movement, Variations on a Welsh Folksong, takes the tune All Through the Night as its theme. Beginning quietly and maintaining the simple chorale quality of Welsh song, the variations imperceptibly shift tonally into the rarified atmosphere of impressionism. The emotional range of the variations is narrow and the music mostly remains calm and peaceful in keeping with the quiet nature of the theme." ---The Chamber Music Journal


Wilhelm Altmann, writing in his Handbook for Piano Trio Players, calls Zilcher' trio a noteworthy work of masterly form and states that when performed in the concert hall, it will always make a strong impression. At the same time, he warmly recommends it to experienced amateur players


Unavailable for many years, we are pleased to reintroduce it.

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