Agnes Zimmermann

Introduction & Allegro





Suite for Piano Trio, Op.19

Agnes Zimmermann (1847-1925) was born in the German city of Cologne. At the age of nine, her family moved to London. She entered the Royal Academy of Music in London and studied piano with Ernst Pauer and composition with George Macfarren. Afterwards, she pursued a successful career as a soloist in England and abroad, but also worked as a composer. She was interested in chamber music, of which she was a frequent performer, and composed, in addition to this cello sonata, three violin sonatas, two works for piano trio, a piano quartet, a piano quintet and a string quartet.


The Op.19 Suite was composed in the mid 1870’s. The movement titles—–Introduction & Allegro, Canon, Gavotte, Air and Gigue—–clearly indicate that Zimmermann was harking back to the old Baroque era suite we find in the works of Bach and his contemporaries. Zimmermann’s treatment, however, is not an imitation of the Baroque but a more modern rendition.


We are indebted to Professors Marie-Aline Cadieux, cello, Johannes Dietrich, violin and Dennis Loftin, piano whose performance of the Suite was used for our soundbites.


Zimmermann's lovely Suite is an ideal work for the recital hall where a lighter work which blends the Romantic with the Baroque is required. It presents no technical difficulties and is ideal for amateurs as well as professionals. Unavailable for many years, we are pleased to reintroduce it.

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